How to Find Out if You Have Bed Bugs in Your Grove City Home

if you wake up in the morning with tiny, itchy bites on your body, there is a very good chance that you have bed bugs. However, do not assume that every bite mark is from bed bugs, look at the bed bug bite pictures below. Even a doctor cannot give a positive diagnosis simply by examining bite marks. They can only suggest possible causes for what may have caused the bites.

Do you …wake up with small, itchy bites?
…see tiny bugs hiding in your furniture?
…see small black stains on the mattress, boxspring or headboard?

bed bugs mattress grove city

Find out if you have bed bugs

You will need a flashlight and the ability to pick up and turn over furniture. You can see the bed bugs and evidence with your naked eye if you look in the right places. They usually wont be out in the open during the day, they will tend to stay out of sight hiding on the undersides of furniture in the cracks and crevices. That’s where the bed bug infestation starts.

Signs of a bed bug infestation

  • The first sign of bed bugs is usually bites that are often red and itchy. You will not feel the bite, however most people react to it afterward. The normal reaction to bed bug bites is similar to your reaction to mosquito bites, but they will usually occur in lines or groups. They are often itchy and red, sometimes raised or welt-like.
  • Sometimes there is no reaction to a bed bug bite which can allow an infestation to get out of control without any symptoms.
  • The second sign of an infestation is finding a bed bug. A single bug is a sign that professional bed bug treatment is necessary. They are 1/4″ as adults. They are dark brown, black, or amber colored, and in the shape of an oval.

Further Bed Bug Evidence

The third sign of a bed bug infestation is fecal stains or molted exoskeletons found on furniture near where people sleep or rest. These are the signs you will look for in the cracks and crevices of the couches, chairs, mattresses, box springs, and bed frames.

Other evidence of bed bugs can be found near cracks of furniture, floors, and ceilings. The bed bugs are hiding nearby in and these cracks and crevices. They can even get into the framing of the home in certain situations such as when improper chemicals are used, and when there is a long term infestation.

Bed Bugs – Why Are They Back?

Increased world travel – genetic evidence collected has shown that bed bugs infecting households in the U.S. and Canada in the last decade were not domestic, but imports from countries still using DDT like chemicals. In other words bed bugs are hitching rides on airplanes and ships to get here!

Resistance to chemicals – 90% of bed bugs sampled from 66 populations collected from 21 U.S. states were resistant to Pyrethroids, the most widely used group of chemicals to treat unwanted insects and flies. The BedBug Chasers bed bug heat treatment is 100% Chemical Free and Safe for your Family!

Inbreeding – a study showed the genes of bed bugs infesting three multistory apartment buildings in NC and NJ had very low genetic diversity, meaning they were very close relatives. So close in fact that researchers suspect it may have taken just one or two founder insects to start the infestation in each building. A single mated female bed bug starts the infestation and gives rise to offspring and those offspring mate with each other and with their mother.

A self-inspection for bed bugs at home is actually fairly easy, however it is highly beneficial to have a professional conduct the inspection as they might catch things you won’t. Also, it will allow a proper plan for treatment to be developed on the spot and an accurate quote to be given.

The following tips should be followed before you start searching for the bed bugs.

  1. Wear medical gloves and grab a flashlight to start the searching process.
  2. Start by examining the bed sheet and then move to the mattresses by using the flashlight.
  3. Use credit card along with a flashlight to detect any hiding bed bugs in the mattresses.
  4. At last examine the underside of the bed frame carefully. Make sure you identify the bed bug, for this, you can get help from the internet and check pictures of bed bugs.
  5. Similarly, you can search other furniture by using these methods.

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