How Do You Get Rid of Bed Bugs

If you visit a place that is infested with bed bugs you can easily bring them home with you. Frequent travelers are quite likely to encounter them at some point and should learn all about bed bugs. These bugs are the ultimate hitchhikers, they can attach themselves to fabric like clothing and suitcases. Bed bugs cannot fly or jump, they can will climb onto you while you are resting or drop on top of you from the ceiling. Once they are on your clothes, in your purse, or in your suitcase, bed bugs will find a place to hide until you get home.

There are many ways you can get bed bugs. Bed bugs are commonly found in hotels, rental homes, apartments, and dorm rooms, however an infestation can occur almost anywhere. Bed bug infestations can occur in an office, school, library, movie theater, restaurant, care facility, shelter and many other places.

Another common way to get bed bugs is by bringing used furniture into the home. Someone with bed bugs is selling their dresser, couch, coffee table, night stand, lamp etc. to you – the unsuspecting victim.

If your home has shared walls (like a apartment or condo) you can get bed bugs from your neighbors. The bed bugs can travel between the units through the wall voids Or between the floor and ceiling of stacked units.

Bed bug infestations can be found in houses, hotels, apartments, and dorm rooms, however an infestation can occur almost anywhere. They can also occur in a/an office, school, library, movie theater, restaurant, care facility, shelter and many other public places. It is very common to get bed bugs from the homes of friends or family, or when people come to visit your home or facility.

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Bed Bugs are an indoor only pest, so how can you get bed bugs so easily?

The introduction of one pregnant female is the beginning of the infestation nightmare. Bed bugs are brought into the home by people. They can hitch hike on clothing, backpacks, luggage and purses. They can be on or within used furniture, beds, or couches. They can even be brought in by the maid’s vacuum.

Soon after you get bed bugs in your home, they will immediately find the areas near where they can get a blood meal. This is usually on or near your bed or couch. Once a suitable nesting location is found she will start laying eggs and feeding whenever possible. The army will grow quickly after the first hatch out.

When you get bed bugs in your bed or couch, the bed bug plague has begun and will spread quickly through the home. Once a female bed bug is impregnated by a male, she will run away from the nest and start laying eggs elsewhere in order to avoid the males. The female bed bug will remain pregnant her entire life and will avoid the painful courtship at all costs. This is the development of bed bug nests in various places throughout the home that often becomes a severe infestation in weeks.

Each pregnant female can lay five eggs a day and up to 500 her lifetime. Bed bug eggs start to hatch after about ten days. In just one month, the number of bed bugs could reach over 200 hungry individuals. If improperly treated, a small bed bug infestation could become a bed bug mega nest in a few short months.

Bed bug eggs will hatch ten days after being laid. The newly hatched bed bugs will begin to seek a blood meal immediately. Every time the bed bug feeds, it will grow to the next stage until it is an adult. This family will live in a nest that is made of bed bugs, feces and eggs.

Often times bed bugs will go unnoticed for several weeks or months. Our customers often think the skin irritation is caused by allergies or other sources and will seek medical attention. By the time the customer finds out it is bed bugs, the infestation can be detected in all rooms of the home.

Learning about how easily bed bugs are acquired is very concerning for most people, but fear not; there are several things you can do to prevent bed bugs. It is far easier to prevent the bed bug problem than it is to correct it.

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